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This site is dedicated to those who own a small or medium-sized company and want to know more about the benefits of website design. The importance and application of this activity will be discussed on this page. But we will start by stating that no matter how useful the information you get here is, this will never replace the designer's personal criteria and the skill you both have to have a fluent, nice and productive relationship.

Our goal is not to offer a Web design course or sell some service, but offer you a practical guide to use this wonderful corporate tool without leaving aside the necessary theoretical parts. After reading this site, you will be able to take advantage to the most of the work you do with the designer you decide to hire. The pieces of advice, explanations, examples and dynamics of this page are addressed in a pedagogic way and to everyone; i.e., there is no need of previous knowledge nor know about it to keep reading the different sections.

Web design

Each section of this site is a piece of a puzzle so, once you finish putting them together, you will have a clear and perfectly understandable picture. Starting from the central part to the peripheral one, the sections on this site are: Web design gives a precise definition of the concept and also provides its general features. In website there is a punctual analysis and the Web design's object's features and competences are exposed. In Parts of a site we will explain all the necessary concepts to understand the designer. In Parts of an e-commerce site, there is an optimal constitution of a Web page dedicated to sales on the Internet.

This is the scheme of our site. We want you to feel comfortable with it and to take advantage of everything you will find exposed. We recommend that, if you are pleased with the information on the site, you save it somewhere to consult it at any time to dispel doubts, or if your project gets delayed and you have forgotten any guidelines here discussed. We wish your website to be a great Internet site with our help. We thank you for choosing us and welcome to this integral site of Web design that we have created for you.

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