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Ecommerce website
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In this section we will discuss the ideal formation of an e-commerce site. The things exposed are not always essential, but they are recommended. It is up to you and to your designer.

Division of products:

The most important thing when planning an e-commerce site is that the exposed division of the products is clear and precise. Products should not be put in a way they are not easily found. When you organize products, you do not have to be so strict —neither its names nor its division should answer to the correct name if these do not adjust to common sense. That is to say, if the public calls the product in a way that is not correct or if they put it in the wrong section, you should respect this mistake and keep it in order to make your site useful to the visitor.

Photographs of the products:

There are two ways to treat photographs in an e-commerce site. One of them is to use illustrative photos. This is done with similar products. For example, the same photograph is used to illustrate the 15 types of rubbers that are sold in a bookshop. But some people want to put a photograph next to the product's description. In general, there is no a rule that states which is the best option, but the former is cheaper than the latter. The important thing with photos is that they have to be good ones, of good quality; they should show the product correctly; they should have the right size; they should be taken in the same place with the same light and products on them should be alone.

Details of the product:

In the product's description you can include a code in order to clearly identify the product in your database. The description of the product's technical details goes together with the model it is describing, but this must be done separately from the price.

Prices of the products:

The price of the product is put on a certain place, usually located under the description and next to the box where the quantity is put. This is done not only to separate the product's description from its price, but also to easily modify the price in case you want to do so.


Next to the price there is a blank box to indicate the number of items you want of a certain product. You can also have a dropdown list to select the desired quantity. If you want, you can ask for another box underneath it in which the total price is shown. That is to say, the product's price multiplied by the number of units.

Web design portfolio

Shopping Cart:

This is a section in which the products are accumulated while you are buying. Here you will find the price, the quantity of the chosen products and the total amount of the whole purchase. When you finish adding things to the cart, then you click the «Ok» button and fill in your personal information to finish the order.


Some people prefer to give a number or user name and a password to clients. Therefore, you guarantee that the only ones buying on your site are the clients you already know. Maybe this is an excessive precaution, but in some cases it makes sense.


It is the form you fill in when you finish the purchase. You will enter your name, your credit card number and the expiration date. Some people put longer forms in which more precise information is required, such as: address, phone number, e-mail, etc.


In order to keep the site's security it is important that the company has someone in charge of checking failures and repair them, so that no one can put a defective order.

Search engines:

This device is used to find products within the site. The search engine is very convenient and useful. However, you have to make sure it works correctly, since if a person does not find a product through your search engine, he will not do it manually and you will lose a sale. A search engine correctly working means it always finds the product and it responds to several names for each product, since not everybody will call or write the name of the desired product in the same way.

Comparing products:

Next to the product's photograph you can put a box to tick. After a while the user can press the button called «Compare products» and a list with the ticked products will appear. This is a good option to find the most convenient product for each person and we recommend that you use it on your site.

This is all. We wish you good luck in your new project. We hope we have helped you to make a good decision.

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