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Website parts

In this section we will explain one of the most important constituent parts of a website. When we say «parts» we do not mean exclusively everything regarding the visual aspect but also all you acquire and can plan when you hire a Web design service. We will not discuss the e-commerce site, since this one has its own section.


Home is the main page of the site, the page to which the user enters when he types your site's address. Here the company and the site are introduced, and there is an explanation about the company's area, its history, etc. and you can also mention the goal of the website. In this part, we will have the header, the buttons, and every element of the site.


These are the parts into which the site is divided. Usually, its number ranges between five and nine and you can have access to them through the buttons you have at sight. Each section deals with a specific topic and it is important they are not superimposed. When in a section you need to make reference to the content of another section, you can create a link to take you there. It is important that the group of sections covers all the topics that may interest the user.


They are a complicated issue. You can put any photo you want on a site as long as it does not have a copyright notice. There are free photos on the Internet that can be used by anyone. Some of these pictures need the photographer's authorization and others do not, but they have restrictions —they cannot be used for commercial purpose. Anyhow, it is better for you to have your own photos, but in order to take them properly, you need a professional photographer. Usually people take their own pictures, but you only reduce the page's quality by doing so.


The header is the superior part of the site. There you have a big photograph or an image, the company's Logo and, maybe, the buttons to enter to the sections. The header is repeated and kept in all the sections; it is the axis of the design and from it each sections of the site is designed. The header must represent a strong and clear message, be attractive but not excessive, since it is the point the user focus his attention on.

website elements


Through them the user surfs the site. When clicking them, the browser takes us to the different site's sections. There is a great variety of buttons, of any shape and size. However there is a certain criteria —the size of the buttons cannot be excessive; otherwise, the design is unbalanced. On the other hand, many designers put effects on the buttons. The commonest ones are when the buttons are highlighted or when they change their colors when the mouse runs over it, when they are selected, when you enter the section, or when they have any kind of animated feature.

Animated features:

Usually, animated features on the site are done with a program called Flash. This program creates any type of animation, from long introductions similar to an animated feature to little details. As we have mentioned before, you can use Flash to give the button any kind of effect when the mouse runs over it. Thus, we can make the button bigger or smaller, movable, etc. It is hard to explain it this way, so the best thing is to surf sites and look for these animated features. A trick to know if the effect was done with Flash is to right click on it and see if the option «About Macromedia Flash…» appears.


Domain is the name with which you know the website. In our case, our domain is When you choose the name for your site, you should check if it is not registered by somebody else. To check this, it is not enough to enter the address in a browser, since maybe someone has that domain but he is not using it. It is like a house —you may own a house and not live there, or at least that is what the law states. In order to corroborate if the domain is available, you have to enter it in certain sites that sell or register domains. There are free and paid domains; according to the type of domain, you should pay for it or not. Anyway, the price is not greater that 15 dollars.


This is a rather difficult point to explain. Making it simple: a website is a series of files. These files need to be in a computer so that we can have access to them. Then, that is the hosting of your site —the place they take in some computer which works as a server. When you create a Web design, you are charged annually to host your page. Usually, the price is rather accessible and it does not affect your finances. It is only a couple of dollars per month, that's all.

E-mail account:

When you hire a Web design service and you have your own Web page, you also have the possibility of having your own e-mail accounts. These ones will be as follows: For example in my case, it would be In general, there is no problem in your requesting several accounts. It is quite common for sites to have an account like so that people can send their requests. The best for managing these accounts is to have organization software, such as the Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird.


In the contact section you can upload a form with several boxes for users to fill in with personal information and to write the message they want. Thus, you make sure the details you need to answer back are there. The forms can have the option to write inside the boxes, to tick the right box or to have a dropdown list to display a menu to choose the corresponding option.

Web components

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